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Asbestos Removal Companies

Date Added: November 20, 2011 04:31:14 PM
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Asbestos Removal Companies

Whether it is in your workplace or right in your own home, inspection for asbestos and its removal must be done only by a professional asbestos removal company to lessen the risk of exposure to you and those around you.

In the past asbestos has had widespread use as an ingredient in many building materials, insulation and fire retardants, for some time it was  common knowledge that asbestos was harmful however only in the 80ties it become apparent (and regulated by law) that the asbestos contaminants will have to be removed and best dealt with by professional asbestos removal companies.

Exposure to asbestos was linked directly to cancer, known as Mesothelioma this can be sparked by inhaling asbestos fibers. Several other complications which can be brought about by asbestos exposure include lung cancer, asbestosis and other types of respiratory ailments. During the later part of 1970s, the use of asbestos in building materials has been banned, however, this very mineral can still be found in older non-renovated buildings, sheds, fences, roofs or industrial structures, there are many products manufactured pre 1980 that contain asbestos fibers. Due to the severe health risks that are brought about by asbestos exposure or direct contact it’s imperative that safe techniques, trained, licensed and qualified individuals undertake the task, whenever in doubt call an asbestos removal company in your city, town or state.

Services Offered by Asbestos Removal Companies

Asbestos removal companies commonly offer several services including:

  • Surveying the whole of your premises and pinpointing areas where they might be traces of asbestos
  • Testing the suspected materials
  • Providing recommendations in order to remove the  asbestos safely
  • Giving a quote in order to remove asbestos as well as replacing or repairing it with non-toxic materials
  • Conducting the task of asbestos removal
  • Making sure that the building is safe prior to anyone entering the premises
  • Issuing a certificate that states that the removal was done and completed


Useful Hints You should Remember

  • Talk to the previous customers of your prospective asbestos removal companies to discover and find out if they have been satisfied with the kind of service they had.
  • Make sure that the asbestos removal company lay’s out all the various options available, such as removal or repair and ensure that you completely understand all your choices.
  • Ensure that all individuals and pets stay a safe distance from the contaminated area during the process of asbestos removal.
  • Check that all asbestos affected areas are marked as harmful and hazardous and no unauthorized individuals enter the contaminated area.
  • Ensure that your asbestos removal company confines asbestos dust to the smallest area possible.
  • During asbestos removal, check that the central (ducted) heating is turned off.


Asbestos can be very risky to people and animals alike, the reason why you should only choose reliable asbestos removal companies which can do the job safely. If you want to ensure your safety, hire asbestos removal companies that can carry out the task effectively.