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Title:Asbestos Encapsulation
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During much of the twentieth century, asbestos was commonly used by manufacturers and builders, alike, because of its high level of heat resistance. Today, asbestos can no longer be used in Australia, nor many other parts of the world, as a building material, due to its highly toxic fibers. However, the process of asbestos encapsulation, in which the asbestos is sealed within a protective shell, can now make the mineral suitable for use once more.

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Meta Description:By undergoing asbestos encapsulation, the hazardous fumes and fibers are kept from being released into the air, thereby preventing contamination. As asbestos has been known to cause pleural plaques, asbestosis and mesothelioma, amongst many other conditions, the sealing of this harmful element can often be a good solution in situations where asbestos cannot be physically removed from a structure, or when it is safer or easier to leave it in place.
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