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Title:Asbestos Exposure
Category:Words on Asbestos; The Articles

Asbestos is a material used in a wide range of products because if its versatility, durability, fire resistance and insulation capabilities. On the other hand, prolonged asbestos exposure can cause all manner of illnesses. This means that it is important to know where asbestos might be found and take the necessary measures to prevent getting harmed.

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Meta Description:Asbestos is found in many home products. Since it was used more in the 1980s than it is used now, you will find it in the cladding, flue pipes, cement pipe columns bathroom lining and weatherboards of houses built in the 1980s and before. Modern houses will have asbestos parts in some paints, vinyl floor tiles, cement roofing, brick cladding and plaster. You will also find asbestos in many insulation products i.e. in water pipes, domestic heaters, stoves etc. Asbestos is also found in some motor paints, brake linings and electrical products.
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