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Title:Unveiling the Truth About Pleural Plaques Related to Asbestos
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A lot of things can be happening inside our body without us knowing about it. For instance, a person may discover that he has pleural plaques on her lungs after submitting to a CT scan or chest x-rays while experiencing other unrelated health issues. But other than this, the person will not know about the presence of such plaques because it is devoid of any symptom and can stay undetected for as long as 20 to 40 years.

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Meta Description:Form of chronic lung illness that develops over time. And one of its symptoms is pleural plaque or in some other forms of lung problems. For this reason, if a patient is found to have pleural plaque, doctors will usually advise the person for a regular check up to monitor its progress and to know if it is linked to asbestos exposure.
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