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Find an Asbestos Consultant in your area. What constitutes an asbestos consultant; a person or a company qualified to undertake an objective and knowledgeable assessment of asbestos risk and its management. This would include but is not limited to: material surveys, risk assessment, identification survey, audits and other...

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Asbestos Encapsulation

During much of the twentieth century, asbestos was commonly used by manufacturers and builders, alike, because of its high level of heat resistance. Today, asbestos can no longer be used in Australia, nor many other parts of the world...

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Asbestos Removal Dos and Don’ts

From 1930s through 1970s, the military and construction industry widely used a kind of mineral substance occurring naturally, called asbestos. This substance has been very easy to handle, was a great fire resistant and an insulator, the very...

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