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Asbestos Lab Testing

Date Added: January 14, 2013 01:17:22 PM
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Asbestos Lab Testing

For many decades asbestos was used in both residential and commercial construction because of its ability to resist fire. However, the discovery in the mid-1970s about the dangers of asbestos led to the discontinuation of this material from being used in all new buildings.

However, the asbestos that was incorporated into structures of that time was in many cases not removed. Asbestos was mainly used as insulation for pipes, walls and ceiling which means that it could present a danger to those that occupy these structures that contain this material.

The danger that stems from asbestos is the micro-fibers that emanate from decaying material that can collect in the lungs causing a very aggressive form of cancer.  In order to prevent asbestos from presenting a threat to those that occupy such buildings, asbestos lab testing was created to detect any of this material that might be in a structure.

Asbestos lab testing is vital to knowing whether your residence or building has asbestos materials located inside. With few records kept from the mid-1970s about what materials were used in each building, asbestos lab testing may be the only way to know for sure that your structure has this dangerous material inside.

Here are a few questions that are commonly asked about how asbestos lab testing works and when it may be prudent to call a qualified testing center to insure that your building or residence is safe from asbestos contamination.

Was Your Home or Building Built Before 1978?

After 1978 all structures that were built had no asbestos inside. However, if your building or residence was built around that time it doesn’t mean that it may be asbestos free. What can be stated is that if your building was constructed well after that time, you are most likely safe from asbestos contamination.

However, if your building was constructed around 1978 or before, then you should contact an asbestos lab testing center to be sure that your structure is free of this substance.

What Do I Need to Prepare for When Calling an Asbestos Lab Testing Center?

First, you should contact a fully licensed and qualified center, one that has handled asbestos lab testing for many different businesses and residences. Once contacted, a highly trained professional team will arrive and conduct a series of tests that include the following;

-       Checking the air for trace amounts of asbestos

-       Checking the insulation of walls, ceilings and pipes for asbestos insulation

-       Researching the history of the building to check for asbestos use.

Once these qualified professionals have completed their task and the results are checked will there be any certainty of asbestos still in the building. If asbestos has been detected, then the next step is the removal process. Depending on the amount of asbestos that is present, the sections where it is located will be sealed until a professional team can perform the removal.

If your building was constructed before 1978, then you owe it to yourself and those who live or work inside to have it checked out by a fully licensed, professional asbestos lab testing company.