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Safe Asbestos Removal: Is Asbestos Removal Company your safe choice?

Date Added: January 29, 2013 05:53:10 AM
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Safe Asbestos Removal: Is Asbestos Removal Company your safe choice?

The enforced National laws require that all commercial buildings develop an asbestos register and management plan. In addition, the register must specify if any asbestos is present. The potential health risk must also be disclosed. As a requirement, the annual asbestos results must either be displayed in plain view, or be made available upon request Specific rules are in place that regulate and dictate the removal of asbestos in a large majority of Australia. The law states, that if 10 square meters or more of asbestos material are present, then a licensed asbestos remover contractor must perform the removal of the asbestos.

The process used to detect Asbestos is not an easy task. By choosing to handle this situation by yourself, it is possible to cause further damage to the affected areas. Individuals may also increase their risk of chronic health diseases if not executed properly. As a result, it is encouraged that the asbestos be removed by a properly trained and certified Asbestos Removal Company. The company you choose must be licensed and carry proper liability insurance for any damage that may arise as a result of neglect.

What things should I consider when choosing an Asbestos Removal Company?

Is the Asbestos Removal Company aware of the possible side effects on the environment if the asbestos is not safely and properly disposed of? Never go off of a verbal contract. This contract must be written and include a specified play of action. The plan of action will need to outline: safe removal plan, cleanup and disposal plan, and any regulations that must be followed during the course of the job.

When speaking to an Asbestos Removal Company, ask them if they have the proper certification to perform the asbestos removal. It is ok to ask to see any documentation. Is the Asbestos Removal Company you are considering educated and up to date on all the Government Regulations?  Does the Asbestos Removal Company know the laws relating to the safe removal and disposal of the asbestos material? Ask what methods will be utilized to ensure maximum safety for all those that will come in contact with the treated area.

There are some important procedures that must be followed for safe asbestos removal. The Asbestos Removal Company must be aware of the danger of spreading asbestos dust to any other areas that are not currently contaminated. It is crucial that all HVAC systems be turned off to reduce spreading contamination particles via the air duct system. Procedures mandate that the affected area be sealed off from other areas of the house or commercial building. Regulations mandate that the Asbestos Removal Company clearly mark the area that is hazard and contains the asbestos. It is imperative that anyone entering the premises is aware and warned not to enter the area until the job is completely finished. When removing the asbestos, the affected material should be left in whole pieces. Breaking them up into smaller sizes would cause asbestos particles to be released.

Never allow the Asbestos Removal Company to scrape the asbestos while it is dry. A liquid should be applied with a mist sprayer to moisten the affected area. The reason this step is important, is because dry particle are more likely to become airborne and travel to other areas of the building. A crucial step in the safe asbestos removal process is to ensure the area is properly cleaned. A regular household vacuum cleaner never should be used as these do not contain the proper filtration system. As a result a proper HEPA unit should be used during the clean up process. Finally, the Asbestos Removal Company should be aware of proper equipment and clothing disposal procedures. Never allow them to leave any of this on location, or allow them to carry them into other areas of the worksite.

Since safe asbestos removal can be a very costly project, you are encouraged to get several different quotes from various Asbestos Removal Companies. You will need to consider the reputation of the Asbestos Removal Company. Do not be afraid to ask for references to validate previous successful jobs. Make a list of questions to ask the references to ensure the Asbestos Removal Company followed all regulations as they pertained to the job. The process is not complete until you have an inspector test the previously affected areas for any traces of asbestos. If the asbestos was safely removed, there should be no presence or trace of asbestos.